Friday, February 28, 2014

Lakme 9 to 5 lipstick!......Roseate Motive.

Hey girlz! how are you doing? Hopefully great. Today I am reviewing a lipstick from the Lakme 9 to 5 range. It's a beautiful matte, deep coral shade that has been created keeping the Indian skin tone in mind. But does it live up to it's claims??? To find out you gotta keep reading!
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Roseate Motive, Lakme 9 to 5 lipstick.
Roseate Motive, Lakme 9 to 5 lipstick. You can see slight shimmers but trust me you won't even notice them on lips.
Roseate Motive, Lakme 9 to 5 lipstick.
Roseate Motive, Lakme 9 to 5 lipstick.
Roseate Motive, Lakme 9 to 5 lipstick.

PRICE- RS.400/-
QUANTITY- 3.6ml.
SHELL LIFE- Best before 24 months from the dt. of pkd.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Blind Test! Wow...........I am loving it.

Hello ladies.............hope you all are doing fine. Must be wondering what that title is all about? It's about 2 products that I have been sent.....don't know what brand they are since the box just has the title Love long hair  and the PR guys are not ready to disclose any I have no clue at all.
And for that reason I am super excited for the blind test I think it's gonna be amazing trying a product without knowing the name of the brand or anything else. 

BTW; can you girlz guess what brand it could be?????

Blind test for love long hair
Blind test for love long hair

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It's my fault.

Hey girlz.......You must be feeling this post is off the topic but I think it's not. I came across this video on you tube and thought of sharing it with you all. It's a much watch....... since it's your fault.

Kalki and Juhi say it's your fault and yes I feel it's purely our fault.

I have been molested in public and I made sure to beat the shit out of him and drag him to the police station. And thankfully the cops didn't tell me it wasn't my fault. I know what it feels word..........'disgusting'.
Women are humiliated and harassed by men all around the world some walk by without doing anything, some choose to tell their parents, husband or brother and in return your family asks you to 'ignore'  and very few gather the courage to fight back. 
Never be a 'VICTIM'

Have you ever been subjected to molestation, eve-teasing or any kind of harassment? If so what did you do? Or did you think 'It's your fault'?

Please provide your feed back!
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'Typical Disclaimer'
*PS[ This video is by AIB. I don't own any content of the video.]
*I haven't asked for their permission before sharing their video on my blog but I believe they won't mind since they want everyone to spread the message.  

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Liebster Award!

Hi's post is about the 'Liebster Award' given to me by Maria Hussain ( skin care blog by Maria Hussain). Thank you so very much sweetheart I truly feel honored.

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1. write a blog post about the Liebster Award

2. Answer 11 questions provided to you by the person who nominated you.

3. Nominate other bloggers who you think deserve the award (other than the person who nominated you).

4. Create a new list of questions for the bloggers to answer.
5. List these rules in your post.
6. Link back the nominator.

Let's begin answering questions:

1. Describe yourself in one word?
A. Although it's very difficult to describe oneself in just a word......I will say 'Honest". I am very honest to everything in life.

2. What habit would you like to break?
A. "Thinking too much" is one habit that I would like to break.

3. What’s the one item on your bucket list you most want to accomplish?
A. Can't tell you now but you all will get to know soon.

4. What do you dislike about blogging?
A. The maths behind HTML. ( It drives me nuts.)

5. What is the hardest thing you have ever done, or the biggest obstacle you have faced in your life?
A. There's nothing hard for me as such because I know how to handle obstacles, troubles, hurdles almost everything! Basically, it's your perception, if you think it's hard you can't do wont be able to do it. Always be optimistic to achieve your goals, obstacles come and go that's what there job can't stop yourself from achieving..... for any reason.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Femina Salon & Spa! Aditi Rao Hydari on the cover.

Aditi Rao Hydari the face of Femina Salon & Spa
Aditi Rao Hydari the face of Femina Salon & Spa January 2014 edition.
Me and bear had a great time reading Femina Salon and Spa, January 2014 edition.
I Love you's really huge, soft and super cute! <3 I know although it's pink in color and looks a tad girly but I like calling him 'Baba bear'. He mostly sits beside my bedside and I keep tossing him here and there, now and then. You girlz must be knowing what a teddy means to a girl. I hope you all liked meeting Baba bear! Well he loved featuring on the blog.
Femina Salon & Spa
  Ravishing Aditi Rao Hydari on the cover of Femina Salon & Spa
Aditi Rao Hydari, Femina Salon & Spa
Aditi Rao Hydari, Femina Salon & Spa
Hello today's post I am going to let you have a look at the latest January 2014 issue of Femina Salon and Spa........but I wont be revealing every bit and piece about this terrific issue since I want you girlz to grab a copy and enjoy it with a cup of hot chocolate or anything that you like. I am frantically in love with this magazine as it has helped me explore the world of beauty in a great way.

 ''Femina is India's oldest and most widely read English woman's magazine and has recently launched this special magazine targeted at the beauty industry". The inaugural issue was launched in December 2013 by the cover star herself......Yami Gautam.

Have a  look at the launch pictures.

Yami Gautam, Femina Salon & Spa in December 2013
Yami Gautam launches Femina Salon & Spa in December 2013

Saturday, February 22, 2014

New Look!

Hello everyone! Hope you guys are doing great. You must be wondering what happened to my blog......Well it has gone under transformation from to   and so I have made some changes in it's looks as well. Please let me know how do you feel about my baby. And for those who are my blog's regular visitors tell me whether you like the new look or not. Feel free to provide your suggestions and feed back.
I will be anxiously waiting for your response.

Thanks a bunch.

Love, Love and Love...<3

Friday, February 21, 2014

Kajal Magique by L'Oreal- Latest Launch.

Hey gorgeous girlz.......what is your favorite Kajal/Kohl??? well the following product is one of my favorites. :)
Today I will be reviewing a fabulous product by L'Oreal which is 'Kajal Magique, Supreme BLACK'. Frankly, I thought it might be just like any ordinary Kajal/Kohl with same boring false claims of being the darkest, waterproof, long lasting .......blah blah blah .......but to my amazement 'Kajal Magique, Supreme BLACK' is an outstanding product very true to it's claims and likeable.
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'Kajal Magique by L'Oreal Paris.
'Kajal Magique, Supreme BLACK' by L'Oreal Paris.
'Kajal Magique' by L'Oreal Paris.
'Kajal Magique, Supreme BLACK' by L'Oreal Paris.
'Kajal Magique, Supreme BLACK' by L'Oreal Paris.
'Kajal Magique, Supreme BLACK' by L'Oreal Paris.
'Kajal Magique, ' by L'Oreal Paris.
'Kajal Magique, Supreme BLACK' by L'Oreal Paris.
PRICE-  RS.245/-
SHELL LIFE- 30months from the date of Pkd.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Press Release- L'Oreal Launches 6 nourish Oil.

A revolutionary hair care range using a combination of 6 Oils to provide complete nourishment for your hair.

L'Oreal Paris 6 Oil Nourish Range.
Mumbai, February 2013: Be it in Paris or in India, women crave for ‘perfect’ hair that is strong, shiny, thick, smooth, soft and manageable.  All these qualities are achievable only with hair that is deeply nourished from within.  L'Oréal Paris,  the world’s  No.1  beauty brand  is now making this possible for Indian women with its new 6 Oil Nourish Range giving  your hair the nourishment it  deserves.Backed by years of experience  in  hair care innovation  for women around the world, L’Oreal Paris  has created  6 Oil Nourish specifically for Indian women and the products are  suitable for all hair  types. The range has been created using  6 unique micro oils  which penetrate deep into  the  scalp & provide your hair with utmost nourishment and care.
The L'Oréal Paris 6 Oil Nourish range  contains a unique combination of  three traditional oils  –  almond,  coconut and olive oil; and three exotic oils  –  argancamelina and jojoba  oil.  These 6 unique oils in the range  work together, to  make your hair strong, shiny, smooth, soft, thick and manageable. The  6 Oil Nourish  range  includes a shampoo, a conditioner and for the first time ever a unique hair oil from the brand. All three products in the range, aim to provide extraordinary results with instantly transformed hair that you can feel, see and touch from the very first use. This is the first hair care range from L'Oréal Paris that can be used on all hair types and  has been  specially created by the L'Oréal Research and Innovation Centre in India.

L'Oréal Paris 6 Oil Nourish Extraordinary Oil:  A unique blend of 6 micronized oils to infuse intense nutrition deep  in scalp and hair and provide the 6 qualities of beautiful healthy hair with no heaviness, no greasiness. The first hair oil from L'Oréal Paris is a must-have for healthy, nourished hair that give you an extra touch of glamour. L'Oréal Paris 6 Oil Nourish Extraordinary Oil is priced at Rs. 199 for 100 ml.

L'Oréal Paris 6 Oil Nourish Shampoo: This shampoo is created to provide utmost care to the scalp as well as the hair. The shampoo infusedwith  6  unique oils gives  you the 6 benefits of nourished hair.The shampoo is priced at Rs. 138 for 175 ml.

L'Oréal Paris 6 Oil Nourish Conditioner: A  first of its kind from L'Oréal Paris,  the  6 Oil Nourish  Conditioner can be used on the scalp as well to  provide deep nourishment  to your  scalp and hair. It makes the hair soft, silky and manageable while also smelling fabulous. The conditioner is priced at Rs.150 for 175 ml.

Bid adieu to bad hair days and enjoy the benefits of glamorous, nourished and healthy hair all year
round with the L'Oréal Paris 6 Oil Nourish Range available at all key outlets.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Celebrating Blog's 1st Anniversary!

Hey gals.......My blog "Glamour Girlz" is an year old now. All thanks to you for your support and love. I truly feel it's an achievement and I couldn't be more blessed. Thank you God for everything, couldn't thank you enough!
Additionally, on this beautiful occasion I have been awarded Liebster Award by Maria Hussain, I know you guys are not seeing me now but I am doing a happy dance!!!!!!! Since nothing could be better than this. BTW Maria is a lovely blogger from Pakistan. Do visit her wonderful blog Skin Care by Maria Hussain  .

1st Glamour Girlz Blog Anniversary
1st Blog Anniversary.

Keep visiting my blog for makeup, beauty tips, skin care, product reviews and lot more! 
Your valuable feedback is always appreciated.
And once a again a 'BIG thank you'! 
Love you................XOXO!

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PS( I will be doing a separate post about the Liebster Award)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Precious Glories: Quran

Precious Glories: Quran: A gift for all Muslim friends and Bloggers

Source: Precious Glories.
A Beautiful sketch of the Holy Quran by Arish Dhawan.
He's a blogger and you'll find lots of interesting stuff on his blog "PRECIOUS GLORIES" .
I am sure you guys will like his blog!

Press Release- Go Eyeconic with White

Mumbai,  23rd

December, 2013: After the phenomenal success of Lakmé Eyeconic Black Kajal, Lakmé brings home yet another international trend in the form of Lakmé Eyeconic White- an innovation that’s likely to break all codes of traditional kajal usage'. For years, the black kajal has remained an integral part of an Indian woman’s beauty regime, but the new Lakmé Eyeconic White promises to change the game for eye make-up. Spotted at several runways internationally this is a first of its kind introduction by Lakmé in India. Along with white, Lakmé also introduces four must-have shades  brown, blue, grey and green to the Eyeconic collection. 

Lakmé Eyeconic White
Lakmé Eyeconic White
The Eyeconic shades by Lakmé are easy to apply and require zero maintenance, just like your regular black. In merely one stroke the kajal promises a smudge-free professional finish up to 10 hours. It comes with a waterproof formulation that allows one to be carefree while washing face or even travelling. It is dermatologically tested and is safe to apply with its two-way retractable twist-up format.
Talking about this new high-performance product, Arun Srinivas, VP Skin Care and Makeup, Lakmé says, “Indian women love to accentuate their eyes and the kajal remains an irreplaceable favourite. The success of Eyeconic Black encouraged us to look beyond the ordinary and we realize that our consumers are looking for subtle yet strong beauty statements that can enhance their overall look. Bearing this in mind, we now introduce the Eyeconic White – first of its kind innovation with a unique white packaging along with four more interesting shades that will take eye makeup to a new direction altogether.”
Speaking about the outstanding looks created for Eyeconic’s new range, Natasha Nischol, Lakmé Make-up Expert mentions, “The new range of Eyeconic is extremely unique and promising. White is an exciting color for the eyes, which can be used in the waterline to open up your eyes, or in the inner corners for the hint of brightness. Alternately you could also use it on the upper eye lids alone or with another color for a more dramatic effect. We have crafted some amazing looks with Kareena Kapoor to showcase the potential of this unusual color. Each color from the range is very unique and thoughtfully chosen to suit the Indian skin type. As a make-up professional, I am confident that this launch will surely create waves in the beauty and fashion scene in India.”

Friday, February 14, 2014

Wow effect on Valentines Day!

Hello everyone! Wish you all a very Happy Valentines day! Hope all you guys are celebrating with you loved ones.
Today I have some great tips for you girls that will make you look stunning......because it's time to look like million dollars!

Selecting shades to suit eye color is easy, avoid matching your eye color to you eye shadow as this will detract from your eyes. Choose deep plums or lilacs for green and blue eyes and soft gold/copper tones for brown eyes. They will really stand out. Don't miss out eyeliner to make your eyes pop!


Let cheeks flirt with bronze and pink rouge with tinge of glitter to give your face vivid look. But remember not to go overboard with glitter coz you might end know I mean!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

This Valentine celebrate LOVE with Giftease! guarantees to make your Valentine very happy!

Hello everyone! hope all of are doing great. With "Valentines Day" just round the corner, I have an exciting post for all of you! 
This post is about an amazing website that aims to be an online gifting specialist which makes any occasion almost perfect! Giftease offers handpicked choices across a wide range of categories including Home & Lifesyle products, Toys & games, Fashion accessories, Jewellery, gadgets, flowers, chocolates and more........basically they have something for everyone.
Enormous variety of products available on

In addition to this let me tell you guys about some remarkable features about this website. provides unique gifting experience through improved website usability for finding the perfect gift fast, fixed date delivery plus free delivery, choice of exquisite gift wrapping options, gift exchanges, and more features are in the works, to make the experience fun and special. currently delivers to over 5000 locations across India, and this reach is continually being expanded.

Besides all these features there are some more points that I would like to add. They not only deliver on a fixed date but also for free, yes you got it right they don't charge anything for delivery, they also do COD( Cash On Delivery) as well as several secure & safe payment options and express delivery are also available....... isn't that great. 
Also has a track your order page that helps customers to track their parcel, there's "Gift Wiz" on the website as well, it's an awesome feature that makes buying gifts a hassle free process.  Plus they have recently come up with a new exclusive feature
" Gift Via Mail" wherein you just need to share the Email ID of your loved one with Giftease team and they will deliver the gift to the concerned person on given time and date. This wonderful attribute of makes the process of Secret Valentine all the more exciting and fun filled!

Safe and secure payments options are a must for every customer, something that provides with an ease.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's day gifting for him & her from THE BODY SHOP

Valentine's day gifting for him & her from THE BODY SHOP

Gift for Her 
White Musk smoky rose spritz duo gift set
Our daring, mysterious musk fragrance in a light Eau de Toilette and an all-over body mist, uniting a mix of notes including musk, black smoky rose and tobacco flower presented in a reusable heart-shaped tin. With Community Fair Trade organic alcohol from
·         White Musk Smoky Rose Eau de Toilette 60 ml
·         White Musk Smoky Rose Body Mist 100 ml

Atlas Mountain Medium Gift set
Atlas Mountain Medium Gift- Price Rs. 3295
Scented with Atlas Mountain Rose, our floral fragrance inspired by dawn in the Valley of Roses. A pampering treat for bath time, boudoir and beyond. -  
·         Atlas Mountain Rose Body Lotion 250 ml 
·         Atlas Mountain Rose Shower Gel 250 ml
·         Atlas Mountain Rose Eau de Toilette 50 ml

Honeymania Small Gift Pack Price
Honeymania Small Gift Pack Price Rs.2495
An indulgent bath and body gift with the rich, floral scent of honey, all wrapped up in a festive ribboned box. With Community Fair Trade honey from Ethiopia
·         Honeymania™ Shower Gel 250 ml
·         Honeymania™ Body Scrub 200 ml
·         Honeymania™ Body Butter 200 ml
·         Honeymania™ Soap 100 g
·         Mini Crinkle Lily – Honey

Add some spice to your Valentine’s Day Dare to Wear The Body Shop White Musk Smoky Rose

Add some spice to your Valentine’s Day
Dare to Wear The Body Shop White Musk Smoky Rose
Ensure your loved one spreads the aroma of love

When dusk falls, Rebel! Get ready for a romantic evening wear this mysterious delicate fragrance it’s seductive with a blend of floral and musky notes, Dare to wear our enigmatic new White Musk Smoky Rose fragrance collection and take on the night...

A Daring Evening Scent
The bold new addition to our iconic cruelty-free White Musk range, White Musk Smoky Rose is a tantalizing floriental fragrance. This darkly seductive scent opens with an elegant fusion of bergamot, pink pepper and blackcurrant before rising to a floral-musky heart. Here, a beguiling bouquet of bitter-sweet tobacco flower and a unique black smoky rose accord is tempered by delicate orange flower. This melts into a sophisticated blend of cruelty-free sensual musk, immortelle flower and olibanum to create a daring fragrance like no other.

An alluring evening fragrance with an illicit hint of danger, White Musk Smoky Rose will unleash your inner you dare to wear it? 

Dare to discover
Smoky Rose gift set!
Smoky Rose gift set!



Pune - 31st jan'14-  Rudraksh, Pune’s first and largest multi designer store was launched at the hands of Karisma Kapoor in Sept 2008. Till date, the store has launched more than 180 designers in apparels and accessories including the veterans from the fashion industry. The recent accomplishment of Rudraksh is to  launch its web store(  and cater to the fashionistas worldwide.
The store has been an early mover in Pune on the social media space too, with its own facebook page as Rudraksh, a twitter handle @StudioRudraksh and more recently on instagram as studiorudraksh. Besides its regular clientele from the city, the store’s goodwill has earned for itself clients from out of town and the overseas market, who have urged the store to take its business operations to being able to retail online and cater to the world.
The store does believe in the online retail potential and reach and believes that this is becoming one of the successful models in retailing.  Besides its existing base of customers from in and outside Pune, it will also target an international customer base as the webstore has the capacity to ship not just domestically but also internationally to any location. The main aim is to satisfy the client who may not be physically able to come to the store but can enjoy the first hand experience through our web store while shopping through secure payment gateways and reliable logistics partners.
The online portal, will be live by February 1st and will retail labels like Manish Malhotra, Tarun Tahiliani, Wendell Rodricks, Rahul Mishra, Ekru, Pia Pauro, etc. in garments and Embellish by Sanam Chopra, Nomad, Agastya, Malaga and many more in accessories. The retail price points will be from rs. 800/- to rs. 50000/- and shipping is free for shopping over rs. 5000/-. There are current season selections as well as a Sale section to get the best deals of the season. 

What the store believes, is at times shopping is a social experience for some women who choose to shop with family or with friends and need an opinion to make their shopping experience better. Rudraksh has leveraged an award winning technology to enable its online customers to socialize and shop at the same time, making it a great experience from the comfort of their space and location! 




Born in the luxury environment of Paris in 1964, Kérastase has been the worldwide leader in professional luxury hair care. In India, Kérastase was launched in 2005 and is present in the most luxury salon spaces across the country. Today Kérastase is present in 23 cities across India.
The year 2014 marks an important milestone in Kérastase history, the celebration of 50 years of hair care excellence for this iconic brand! Since 1964, Kérastase has offered customised solutions tailor-made to suit every individual’s hair and scalp needs. The products help in nourishing, protecting and enhancing the hair fibre, and at the same time caring for the scalp. This is the Kérastase notion of the “Art of Perfect Hair”, since 1964. In 2014, to advance even further, Kérastase creates a whole new category in its range with the launch of “Couture Styling” in January 2014. For the launch, Kérastase associates with an iconic spokesperson and brand ambassador, Kate Moss. The British Top Model, who has been an ambassador to many fashion and beauty brands, will for the first time represent the image of a luxury hair-care brand. The Kérastase expertise in hair care and Kate’s audacious glamour will change the way styling is perceived, celebrating beautifully styled hair with freedom of movement and the pleasure of high tech, sensual textures.

Couture Styling by Kerastase.
Couture Styling by Kerastase.
About her experience with the Kerastase products, brand ambassador, Kate Moss quotes, “Kérastase products are fantastic! I have been using them for years. The new “Couture Styling” range has some really great products!” Kate Moss for Kerastase, that’s 2K’s apart.

Master hairdresser Luigi Murenu is the Artistic director for Couture Styling and in his skillful hands, the new Kérastase icon has never been so flamboyant. Kérastase chooses Luigi Murenu because he is the uncontested master of customized hairstyles that display sophisticated dynamism and a unique look executed with precision.
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