Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bee Gees tribute concert by Night Fever!

Bee Gees tritube concert by Night Fever!
Bee Gees tribute concert by Night Fever!
Night Fever performing!
Hi everyone, Today I am blogging about a wonderful event that i recently attended! I received an invite from Ginger Claps for the Bee Gees tribute concert by Night Fever! And without even giving a second thought i excepted the invite. 
I must say I had a great time since it was the best thing to happen after days of hard work.
This event was organized by the Black Dog easy evenings which is the entertainment wing of Black Dog Scotch Whisky. It took place in 4 cities i.e. Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Guwahati.
The concert was held at the Corianthians Club, on 16th Nov 2013 in Pune. 
To more about this noteworthy event keep reading!

Band performing the song Night Fever.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Yay..........I won again! Liebster Award

Hello friends.......hope all of are doing great! I truly feel honored and blessed to have achieved LIEBSTER award for the second time. I have just completed my 100th post on this blog and I think a better reward than this couldn't have been possible. Thank you so very much Isha! XOXOXO..............

Now it's time to answer some questions!

1. Describe yourself in less than 10 words
A.  I am my own heroine. (Marie Bashkirtseff) This line describes me the best!

2. How did you pick your blogs name?

A. I always related the term glamour with makeup and that's how Glamour Girlz. originated.

3. Which is the best book you have read so far?

A. Well, there are many however, I am currently reading The Guardian Angels by Rohit Gore.

4. Which is your favorite childhood memory?

A. Going o the amusement park and playing till me and my sis would drop!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Stand out at your college fest with Elle 18!

 My 100th Post!!!!

 Hey everyone, this is my 100th post for my blog. I am very happy. Thankyou guys for all our love and support keep visiting my blog. You'll be seeing lots of reviews, event coverage, some unique beauty tips and DIY tutorials in the upcoming posts. So I strongly suggest all of you to not miss anything.
This is a PR for Elle 18's latest launch.

As we near the rush hour for college fests, every girl wants to look like a star and stand out in the crowd. Whether its numerous events at the festival or simply an occasion to show off, the Elle 18 girl is always ready with an arsenal of quick fixes and beauty must haves that will make every head turn!

Scroll down to see what it takes to look like a beauty queen at a college festival!


#Must Haves 1- Juicy Lip balm in funky flavours

Just like your skin, your lips are vulnerable to the harsh rays of the sun and dehydration. Keep them looking luscious while you go enjoying the festival with a good lip balm which has SPF. Day or night, you will be able to protect your pout in pretty colours of pink, mauve, red, berry, peach and beige


#Must Haves 2- ‘Pop’ eye liners in stunning colours

Want to show off your eyes? Make them pop with the ‘winged look’ and instead of a black liner opt for bright colours of purple, green and silver.

Make sure you carry these in your makeup bag to touch up as and when require

#Must Have 3- Glow Compact 
Between running from one end of the fest to the other, socializing, participating and in general having a good time there is a dullness that envelopes the face! Get the perfect fix for this with a glow compact – small and handy to fit right into your bag. The aim is to glow and breeze through your fest looking flawless and absolutely radiant.

#Must Have 4- Kajal 
The quintessential favorite of every Indian girl the kajal will never let you down! Get an instant face lift with a simple black kohl in your bag and you are good to go!

#Must Have 5- Glow Foundation 
If you are the fashionista who battles with blemishes, marks and acne, the glow foundation is your beauty remedy! Add a dab of foundation to ensure you have a flawless face throughout the day!

An every-day silky delicate texture foundation with SPF 8 will combat the sun and be the perfect addition to your make-up bag!


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Rudraksh showcases Limited Edition collection by veteran designers as part of their men's week.

Pune- 13th November'13- Rudraksh-  hosts men's week and showcases collection of veteran designers like Rajesh Pratap Singh, Abraham and Thakore, Akaaro, Quirkbox, and Krishna Mehta- who do exclusive men's wear. The collection would be showcased from 15th November for a week at their newly opened pop up store at Koregaon Park- next to Westin.

The collections by these designers have been created for Pune market keeping the aesthetic design sensibility. It would comprise clean cuts, perfect fits and structured silhouettes. The designers have taken inspiration from their Indian roots to craft artisanal garments that stand apart due to their faultlessly clean lines and careful detailing.   Subtle hues and use of whites can also be seen in this collection.   

These collections would be on preview at Rudraksh from November 15th for a week where the store would be showcasing the finest merchandise and accessories. Clients also have a reason to celebrate as Rudraksh would also be taking custom orders during this week.

About Rudraksh:

The first multi designer store in Pune, Rudraksh has successfully bridged the gap in the Pune market that existed for quality designer wear labels. Rudraksh was inaugurated on September 7, 2008 at the hands of the very stylish & successful actress Karishma Kapoor. 

Rudraksh collection.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Lakme Radiance Compact

Hey everyone! Hope all of you are doing great! Today I will be reviewing a compact that is not only budget friendly but also easily available , It's none other than the very famous Lakme Radiance Compact! I bought this product a week a ago from a near by departmental store since my M.A.C studio foundation compact was over and I seriously had no time to visit any malls. 
To know whether this product passed or failed you got to continue reading................

Lakme Radiance compact
Lakme Radiance compact
Lakme Radiance compact    

Monday, November 11, 2013

Elle 18, Which College Festival Diva are you? Press Release.

College festivals are the place where the girls meet best friends, crushes and people they hate to love. From organizing, cheering, performing,competing and winning the festival diva must never forget to to look glamorous every step of the way. Elle18 helps you identify the best look suited to your personality. Whether you are simply cheering for your friends or leading the core team of your college, Elle18, helps you how to do it in style.  

Elle 18 Press Release.
The Peppy Cheerleader.
Elle 18 Press Release.
Girl-in-charge and the Coy chica.
Elle 18 Press Release.
The Leading Lady.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Power Light A Village Campaign by Garnier.

Our brothers at Garnier Men India have the #POWERLIGHTVILLAGE campaign in it's second phase now.

With over 400 million Indians living in absolute darkness post sunset, the campaign aims to provide solar lights, portable solar lamps and solar panels to rural households across the country.

An undeniable fact is that India is a land of paradoxes. While the affluent Indians live the best lifestyle with the fastest cars and trendiest fashion styles, close to 72 million Indians still live in darkness. 72,000 villages across India  have no access to any light!


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Color Riche Le-khol by L'Oreal

Hey everyone......How are you all doing???? Hopefully you all are fine! Firstly, wish everyone a very Happy Diwali!!!
I am extremely sorry for not being active on my blog all these days since I was caught up with lot of things. However, I'll be regularly blogging now. Please forgive me and stay tuned in for lots and lots of product reviews, campaigns and much more!
Today I am blogging about Color Riche Le-khol by L'Oreal in shade Portofino Blue 108, which is a gorgeous and unique blue color that looks absolutely amazing when applied.

L'Oreal eyeliner Portofino Blue 108
Color Riche Le Khol Eyeliner 
L'Oreal eyeliner Portofino Blue 108
Color Riche Le Khol Eyeliner
PRICE- Rs.350/-
SHELL LIFE- 3 years

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