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The Super Beneficial ROSE WATER!

Hi everyone! Today I will be blogging about the highly beneficial ROSE WATER! This magnificent liquid is amazingly effective on skin, eyes, hair and body!It's hydrating plus rejuvenating! It revitalizes and De-stresses, leaving you with a refreshed feeling. This miraculous water is loaded with Vitamin A, C, D, E and B3!Furthermore, ROSE WATER is not only less expensive but also easily available.
Rose water
Dabur Gulabari Rose water

rose water benefits
Rose water
  1. USING ROSE WATER AS TONER- Dip cotton ball in Rose water and wipe your face. This will tone and hydrate your skin at the same time. Follow this routine regularly every day and night, you will notice a tremendous improvement in your skin.
  2. REMEDY FOR DARK CIRCLES- Wet two cotton pads with cold Rose Water and place them on your eyes for a while and relax, doing so often will reduce the appearance of dark circles.Tip* you can also utilize a mixture of cold milk and rose water for this purpose, you'll achieve results in 3-4weeks!
  3. CURING TIRED AND DROOPY EYES- Blend Rose Water along with sandal wood power, formulate a fine paste, apply on the eyelids and rinse with cold water after 10-15mins. CAUTION!: do not open your eyes or do any eye movement when this paste is on!
  4. GOOD FOR PACKS- Combine Rose Water with your packs/masks and this will give you refreshed and glowing skin.
  5. STRESS BUSTER AND MOOD REVITALIZER- Add Rose Water to your bathing water, it's refreshing fragrance will relax you and uplift your mood. And a bonus, radiant skin.
  6. SAY NO TO HEADACHE-Smear Rose Water on your forehead and the area near your eyes and you will be surely relived from the ache!
  7. CONDITIONING YOUR HAIR- Rose Water has softening and condition properties, for that reason mixing modest amount of Rose water with your shampoo will leave your hair feeling soft and smelling good.
  8. BYE-BYE DANDRUFF- Mix Rose Water together with Glycerin and apply on your scalp. Rinse after 20-30mins. Abide by this ritual and you will notice the difference!
  9. THE NATURAL MAKEUP REMOVER- Dip cotton ball in Rose Water and gently  wipe in circular motions to remove your eye and face makeup.
  10. INDUCE HAIR GROWTH- After washing your hair with your shampoo rinse your hair with a concoction of Rose Water mixed with water, towel dry your hair. Doing so will promote hair growth and also help you get rid of itchy scalp, this happens as Rose Water increases the blood flow.
  11. CURE FOR EYES- If your eyes are irritated just put few drops of Rose Water into your eyes and this will relieve you.
  12. OILY SKIN???- Do you have an oily skin? when you are out in college or office and simply don't have the time to wash your face just spray Rose Water on your face and this will absorb the excess oil leaving your skin feeling soft, hydrated and fresh. You don't need to wash your face after this.
  13. MOISTURIZATION- Fuse a little Rose Water into your daily moisturizer and apply onto your skin. Rose Water locks in the moisture and enlivens you skin making it soft and supple, leaving behind light rose fragrance. A very good tip for dry skin.
  14. PREVENT PREMATURE AGING-Using Rose Water on regular basis minimizes the signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines etc. However this theory has not been scientifically proven yet. Research is still on!
  15. SUMMER COOLER- As we know Rose Water had a cooling effect, so it can also be added in summer coolers to cool down your body during this hot season. 
  16. IRRITATED SKIN-If your skin is irritated simply take a cotton ball dip it in cold Rose Water and apply to your skin, this will soothe your skin.
ROSE WATER has limitless properties and usages! Therefore, use this wonderful water and enjoy it's benefits to the fullest! Take advantage of  ROSE WATER this summer to stay fresh and cool.

TIP*- I suggest you choose from the different brands of Rose water available and don't purchase Rose Water if it contains extra and unknown ingredients! Try using Rose Water in it's purest form.

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